Faster Internet 3G Wifi Boost

Faster Internet 3G Wifi Boost

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Faster Internet 3G Wifi Boost

Faster Internet 3G Wifi Boost

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Want to surf the Internet faster? Speed ​​up your internet connection with our application on 3G and 4G data or WIFI either if it's encrypted WEP, WPA or just unencrypted.
Tired of a slow connection? With our app firstly we will analyse and optimize your phone to get faster Internet and better speeds for try to boost your connection.
- Analyses system for any app that could be slowing down your Android Device.
- Adjust WiFi channel for a faster wireless Internet connection.
- Cleaning DNS cache for a Internet speed boost.
- Adjust system MTU/TTL, making Internet connection Faster.
- Optimizing 3G & 4G Connections.
- Better video pre buffering in YouTube or other video sites like Vimeo, Redtube, Netflix, DailyMotion, etc.
- Reduces overall system memory.
- Depending on the phone, will improve your signal reception.
- Works with rooted or non-rooted phones.
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* This free application is mainly used to analyze and simulate data from your Internet connection after several tests and be able to solve problems wherever possible. Does not work on all terminals and we do not guarantee its proper use.



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