Soccer Heroes! Ultimate Football Games 2018

Soccer Heroes! Ultimate Football Games 2018

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Soccer Heroes! Ultimate Football Games 2018

Soccer Heroes! Ultimate Football Games 2018

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Welcome to the World of Soccer Heroes!! Play latest Soccer heroes! ultimate football games 2018 and become soccer captain. You have given nine football stars with magnificent abilities to win the dream league, so unlock all soccer heroes to build the favorite team in newest soccer games 2018. This ultimate soccer game allows you to play with smooth swipe controls along with epic goal celebration animations. Select your ultimate fantasy heroes team and let the soccer action begin. Utilize all the epic soccer stars’ special abilities & shoot to goal playing this amazing world soccer games
Enter the world of newest soccer league competition and showcase your insane soccer games skills. Play world soccer league & find out real fotbal heroes experiencing ultimate soccer games 2018. Soccer hero is your ultimate chance to play football cup 2018. Choose your favorite team with four best football players to be soccer hero champion. Football soccer captain, master this ultimate soccer strike & learn all special abilities soccer players possess.
Soccer Heroes Special Abilities:
*Slacker* - Slows Time for Opponents
*Teleporter* - Teleports a short distance ahead
*Sprinter* - Runs Very Fast for a brief moment
*Pusher* - Pushes nearby opponent’s aside
*Icey*- Freezes opponents in front
*Show Stopper* - All opponents fall down immediately
*Untouchable*- No one can steal ball for a while
*Stealer* - Snatches Football from Opponent player -
*Deadeye* Shoots straight for Goal knocking down any player that touches the ball
Make your four players team to beat the opponent which has the same special abilities. Become real soccer king in this football game. Play soccer heroes! ultimate football games 2018 with best football soccer squad and win the soccer league 2018.
Soccer heroes! ultimate football games 2018 Features:
Choose 4 players soccer team, & play with football heroes.
Unlock players with the best ability to win real soccer league
Best game for killing some time in this football cup 2018 season.
Realistic Soccer Game graphics with best fulfilling gameplay.
Master the tricks and become a pro soccer player in football game
Game Modes:
World Cup Mode
Real soccer first goal death match Mode
Ultimate Soccer time limit match Mode
Real goal limit match Mode
It’s your best chance to play soccer heroes! ultimate football games 2018 so download it on your android devices and let the football run fun start.


What's New

Minor Bug Fixes
Game-play Improved


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