Dragon Race Ultimate

Dragon Race Ultimate

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Dragon Race Ultimate

Dragon Race Ultimate

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This dragon racer simulation in the modern times is thrilling and full of fun. Massive wings for massive Warfare destruction in futuristic environment. Fly over cliff of death. Death target flying in front of you, take out the opponents. Flames and fires angers the dragons so they spit fireballs and show the anger towards enemies. 3D fantasy and ultimate experience of dragon flying is like a pilot simulation. This dragon race ultimate is ancient dragon flying portrayal. Herds of dragons flying everywhere. City of flying dragons is unlimited flight simulation of giant beasts in the air. Ultimate animal lover experience for all the game lovers. Magical and fantasy world of dragon flying is about to get real. No more dragon extinction from the face of the earth. A village full of dragons, vicious creatures of blood sucking natures are after each other throats. Fire breathing dragons flying around cities and scaring people in modern days. Farms and buildings, everything is under radar. Impressive beasts among the dragon battlefield confronting each other, become the master of dragons with command over them. Legends of these monsters are true and build on real incidents. Master run through the wilds, play freely without a need of master app lock to hide this perfectly alright game for everyone. Classic game of action with dragon using fury to make the enemies forfeit to them. Raise the baby dragons like pets and raise them to become your most dangerous weapon against the cruel enemies. World of dragons is no mystery, most strong is going to live long so become the fierce dragon warrior to slay the enemy. Supersonic flying speed will take the dragons to the destination faster.
Dragon Race Ultimate features:
• Realistic Graphics is used in this amazing
• Real dino riding experience.
• Multiple missions of difficult dragon flying through lava and arctic no man’s land.
• Realistic high quality sound effects with thrilling background music
• Long campaigns of dragon flying, pass through gateways to clear the missions
• Burning lava and dead mountain environments with flying fire crumbs
• Pass over the bridges and amaze the train passengers
• Flying stunts with tilting the screen and do swirls.
• Avoid pointy hills to save the dragons from killing
• Virtual 3D reality and extreme HD view.
• Cash rewards and wide range of flying monsters.
• Special racing tracks in ancient mountains over the deadly seas.
Beast dragons are not some zoo animals. Speed boosts and long journeys on the tracks in the air specially designed for the dragons. Amazing simulation controls like a roller coaster. Best dragon racing game on the adventure racing category. 3D Adventurous dragons flying around city streets racing like child around the block. Full of action and thrill, real flying simulator. Dodge the evil and pass through the treacherous bridges successfully. 3D racing fantasy in adventure lands furious riding is best racing game experience. Avoid fire crumbs and rival dragons and reach the destination first for the prey. With massive dragon wings bypass through the tunnels and dark mountain valleys. Unique racing challenges enhanced with the boosts and speed jumps. Dragon race ultimate rush drive is about avoiding onslaught attempts by the treacherous enemies hiding under the hills. Great savior with great firepower spitting fire balls over the mountains. Angry beasts defeat enemies with brutal action. Unlock superior dragons and build a family of dragons.



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