Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D

Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D

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Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D

Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D

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The new phenomenal reality based spectacular park was set up by the government in order to increase the tourism in the state. This was by far the craziest tour sites in the country and was flourishing with flying colors. The giant set up was convincing enough to bring the whole elite from around the globe to come visit the area and make an unmatchable memory. With its high demand there comes the envy in the hearts of competitors and the people who were not the admirers of this project. Keeping in view that the park had the most dangerous animals worldwide and they were could be stray to kill anyone that comes in their way. The enemies had no less ruthless plan in there. They made a hassle in the park, made all animals wild the park which one was famous for the friendly dinos was no longer safe for family and kids to visit. All the dino are now wandering around in the park with no supervision and no control.
You as a valiant caretaker of the whole place now have to stake your whole life to save the innocent people from getting wildly tore off by deadly animals. Your work is now to be the savior and save the native lives. The park was a big hit and the VIPs and elite came to visit it from every possible place. Being known that they were the most important personalities around it is important to save the people instead of wild animals. Everybody wanted the animals to live, right now that is the least possible thing that could happen. So one possibility is to kill the animals and save their eggs vigilantly, raise those animals in a friendly way and make a new start up that would be much safer.
SO, go into the woods, locate the animals, aim at them with high precision, shoot and kill them before they hunt you down. Find keys to their cages, make them free from their cages before they ruin the eggs and kill them, pick and collect the eggs to save the species and little creatures. Go find your perilous prey and hunt them down with wild bravery.
Key Features of Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D:
- Perplexing sounds
- Astonishing and exemplary graphics
- Furious and challenging missions
- Interesting gameplay
- Flawless controls
- High accuracy weapon



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