Dinosaur Hunter Free

Dinosaur Hunter Free

Size 39.4MB

Dinosaur Hunter Free

Dinosaur Hunter Free

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Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter in the Mountains.Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun. Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in the prehistoric period thousand years before.
Dinosaur hunting is of five types with assault rifles in beautiful world with green plants.Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter in this dinosaurs games.
There are different dinosaurs noises in this game to make you feel real dinosaur hunting. there are five types of dinosaurs for hunting.
Keep in the mind dinosaurs are dangerous and attack you and you have to kill them as soon as possible may be they will not be killed with one bullet because of their big size.
if you are a real hunter they go and pick assault rifle of you choice and start hunting.
• Actual thrill of dino chases and deadly dino attack
• Amazing graphics and prehistoric environments
• Many thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs.
• Awesome game play with attacking animations.
• Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting.
• Easy and Smooth First person shooter guns..
Right side buttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and run
Left side button are for movement and whole screen is for aiming,
In map you can find dinosaur and chase them to hunt.


What's New

Graphics are improved
New Weapons are added
AI made more intelligent
Realistic 3D Animated Dinosaurs are added


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