Deer Bear Hunter 2017

Deer Bear Hunter 2017

Size 33.7MB

Deer Bear Hunter 2017

Deer Bear Hunter 2017

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Be a brave hunter to hunt deer in forest field using different weapons free game
Play best sniper hunting challenges with new forest deer hunting 2017
Let’s start to hunt deer in this sniper shooting game and become a best hunter
The most realistic and accurate forest hunting simulation: Deer hunting strike
Enjoy wise deer hunter game in forest! Awesome HD hunting simulation
Deer & Beer Hunter 2017
Its winter season snow has covered the mountain hills, its chilly ice there, the perfect field for the hunting. From the inventors of deer and beer hunting before few years. Return to the wild and hunt athwart the globe in the world’s largest classic deer hunting experience. Hunt awards in deer target sniper shoot in unique and beautiful places that span the globe in the world’s hunting. It’s hunting time! Deer hunting deadly shooting will let you hunt deer hunting forest sniper and other wild animals in the jungle on snowy mountain hill. It’s time to deer shooting sniper adventure assassin and hunt deer and beer in this sniper hunting game.
Beer Sniper Shot Reloaded
Hunt animals so real they nearly jump off the shelter. Trajectory down and bag the safari beer hunter Africa world most unusual and intangible deer shooting hunter valley game. Deer Bear Hunter 2017 is full of action, hunting & shooting. Those who like to be a deadly hunter will love to hunt deer & the wild deer and beer hunting animals. The angry lion is also among us somewhere in the mountain hills and if he gets in your way don’t shilly-shally to pull the trigger and shot him to dead. jungle deer sniper shoot wild animal there with hunting season of wildlife animals.
Deer Hunt Sniper Challenge
Shoot the deer with sniper gun with mature stable hand, stare your sights, and dominant the skills of deer huntsman deadly shooting to take the perfect shot. You will see the most thrilling winter snowy situations in the deer sniper battle the sound of the guns, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain hills, and birds. Sniper shooting skills should be enough deer & beer shooting game to hunt your target all alone. Take down pillagers before you become the prey. Don’t let the deer run away and be the skilled hunter. Become the real sniper of this era using best guns. Strategy your deer hunt in the forest as if it is a secret assassin mission because this is what modern hunters do. Collect and modify in deer shooting: sniper safari of your firearms with scopes, journals, barrels, and stocks as you upgrade your weapons for each hunt and hunt are on steering eye catch in deer hunter sniper simulator 3D.
Advanced Weapon Control and Zoom
HD Graphics and fabulous Sound effects
Different forest Environment
Real-time Deer Hunting


What's New

Remove Ads Available
Graphics Improved
Bug in Bear hunt Level 2 fixed
Gameplay Improved


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