Caza mayor con perros

Caza mayor con perros

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Caza mayor con perros

Caza mayor con perros

" Arcade "
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Hunting game with lots of action in you can shoot and bring down animals, considered big game in Spain, of various species such as boars, deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and several.
You can choose from an automatic rifle or a bolt, you'll have to drive after each shot by pressing on the handle, so do not have to reload the weapon to repeat the shot.
The rifle has a magazine four bullets that can be recharged at your convenience at a time, or three or four at a time. You'll have to follow some sort of strategy to not run out of bullets at the most inopportune time. To reload the weapon click on the image of the bullet on the screen, when you unload the gun the bullet is replaced by a box.
The first phase of each level is completed when the dove appears for the second time. Do not shoot on pigeons.
With each animal shot the score with increasing anger extra points as follows: the first one, the second two, the third three, the four fourth, yes, provided you do not recharge.
It From level 11 you'll get a bullet in the magazine and change the scoring system. To get the maximum bonus points do not miss out any bugs.
It's from level 21 the shooter will trigger the lock automatically, no need to press on it, ten
note that while this is done you can not make any shots. Look at the crosshairs of red appeared on the screen will indicate when the gun is loaded ..
Pay special care not to injure or kill any dog, if you do you will be deducted three points and you will have a fault.
The score was overcome you indicate at the beginning of each level, the number of allowed failures normally be four, sometimes it can be five, will depend on if you hit and when a dog.
Choose either the bug that shoot first, the end result may not be the same.


What's New

Nuevos niveles con el rifle automático.
Además se podrá acceder a estos niveles desde la pantalla de bienvenida.


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