Battery Stats

Battery Stats

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Battery Stats

Battery Stats

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BatteryStats is a Simple widget which displays battery statistics for you.Note: This is a widget and not an application It will not appear under the applications tab.A small 1x1 elegant looking widget that simply displays your battery level on it with a number and dynamic icon. At this stage it has a few configurable options such as changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as whether or not to display percentage on the icon.Features Simple and elegant design Shows you your battery level at a glance, as well as detailed information just by clicking on the battery.Extra info includes:temperature C or FVoltageStatusHealthBattery TypeTodoThis widget is nowhere near finished, new features will be added weekly. Here39;s some we39;ve got in mind: Notification bar icon Configurable and Themeable Working on this nowthemes for the widget as well as customization Estimated time remaining Graphs displaying usageIf you39;ve got something you39;d like to be added or if you39;ve got some feedback, just send us and email and we39;ll do our best to incorporate it into BatteryStats.Similarly, if you39;ve found a bug don39;t comment here. Send us and email with what39;s wrong and we39;ll try get it fixed as soon as we can. Usually within a day if were not elsewhereKeywords: Widget, Battery, Indicator, Level, Percentage, Stats, Voltage



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