Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk

Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk

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Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk

Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk

" Simulation "
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Get behind the wheel of our cool Auto and play a very realistic simulator Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk game. Your objective is to find and pick up passengers and drop them safely to their destination. You need to drive safely and maintain your speed and if you crash you will be penalised. Drive like public transport and provide the best services to the passengers by dropping them on their destination within the given time limit.
Drive through a gorgeous city which includes off road tracks too !!! Auto Rickshaw Driver - Tuk Tuk will test your skills as an Auto driver who has to take care of traffic, curvy paths and treacherous turns. Your mission is to pick up passengers and drop them safely to their destination to earn money. The game will test your skills of acceleration, steering, driving and parking.
The passengers are waiting, so you need to hustle and pick up them up and drop them off at the location of their choice. Use the GPS based direction maps as your guide to help you reach your destination. Find the best route possible and save precious time! Enjoy easy controls and smooth game play while cruising through the city and off roads. Enjoy TUK TUK rickshaw drifting and drive as fast as you like, but drive carefully to avoid hitting city traffic and road sides. Complete the mission objective to complete the level.
Fun assured for all City and off road Tuk Tuk, hill climbing & simulation lovers. Download, Play and become an expert Tuk Tuk Driver by playing this very exciting and addictive game.
• The unexpected traffic vehicles such as cars, auto rickshaws, lorries/trucks and busses and pedestrian people on the road.
• New Taxi Request will come every 30-60 seconds.
• Hours of Driving Fun with Rickshaw Driver Duty
• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance Gameplay
• Amazing Environment with Hills, Mountains Etc.
• Drive carefully without hitting any obstacles and drop the passenger safely at destinations.
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