Army Secret Agent Rescue - Truck Driver Mission 19

Army Secret Agent Rescue - Truck Driver Mission 19

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Army Secret Agent Rescue - Truck Driver Mission 19
Now a days world's having threat of blasts and other terrorist activities so there is a need of army secret agent soldiers to different sites of the world. This is a special mission game of transporting the army secret agent to different sites to rescue the world from the dangerous explosions.
Play as a skilled army secret agent driver to transport the commando to the us and other world threatening sites.Drive heavy Army truck, offer medical facilities to the Patients and drag them to the nearest army medical camp. After dropping the army injured army men to the rescue shelters to secure their lives just move towards another army base and don't compromise on your real duty. Now in the days of war you are a front line commando solider of US Army and there is a great responsibility on you to save maximum lives and become a super incredible brave hero of your country. You must have perfect control on yourself in this monstrous situation and have to drive your rescue heavy truck like ambulance carefully you have to avoid the hurdles or obstacles on your way to shelters camp and have to avoid stones falling from the nearby hills and reach to the rescue base before the death of the injured army men.
Welcome to the secret agent's arena who spies and drives under the radar, moving to locations around the world to complete secret army missions. Agent X-Man you have been recruited and trained by army secret service agency to assure the security of your land. Be a spy and operate under the radar, complete secret agent missions hit tougher or get arrested in stimulating spy stealth games. Train yourself as elite spy for stealth missions, parade quickly move and sneak skills to destroy enemy army base.
Army Secret Agent Rescue - Transport Truck Driver Mission Game Features:
- Amazing game play for a real spy who dears to play secret agent 3D mission games.
- Realistic environment with 3D Graphics to show the real expertise of secret agent spy games.
- Sneak your way through the levels, in different stealth game missions. And stay out from watch guard’s eye.
- Be a Swat Spy with a task to destroy all the targets with c4 explosives
- Modern battle field environment
Dangerous hilly roads
- Realistic game sounds
- Simulator like controls
- Easy to learn and drive
- Enjoy cool background music
-Run and drive through the war zone.
- Command and assemble your squad after gunship air strike.
Hurry up! Its time to play Army Secret Agent Rescue Driver 2019 amazing action adventure game.Get ready to serve your nation as a brave solider and try to deliver the injured lot for the national brave army soldier at the time of Bloody critical real strike war. Try to rescue more brave army men lives and participate in this rescue mission with full zeal and zeast. Be a super hero of your nation by giving fast rescue service to your injured army and people. Be remember you are a team lead of this rescue mission and you have to face very dangerous difficult situation. After enemy attack on army base you have to secure injured army persons and have to keep them away from the attacked area attacked by enemy by helicopter.


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