Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue

Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue

Size 14.9MB

Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue

Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue

14.9MB 100,000+ 4.96 (49)
" Strategy "
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Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue is a 3D archery game with lovely graphics.
Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue is free bow and arrow mobile arcade game.
Shoot arrow to cut the Gibbets rope to save hangman from dying before deadline.
You need to shoot a bow, and save lives. The difficulty lies in the fact that the target is not always the same and it can be located far away from you, but time is not so much. You have a limited number of arrows, but time is not always on your side, men on the gallows pants and you need to break the rope as soon as possible!
Do not rush, shoot accurately , if you're not careful with your arrows, you can injure a person and he dies prematurely.
It is physics based archery game. Using archery skill to complete the tricky levels.
While hanging on gibbets the health of hangman decreases continuously.
Cut the rope before the tiny hangman health goes down.
The variety of missions and difficulty increases with levels.
In Archery Shooting Master : Gibbets Rescue you’ll always face new challenges. Play matches to increase your level and get access to new locations, where you’ll compete against the best of the best!
Touch the screen, drag finger to draw bow across the screen in order to pull the bowstring, aim for the rope. Your goal is to save all hanged. The number of arrows and time is limited, do not hesitate and shoot accurately.
* Be careful and aim accurately while shooting arrow and became archery master.
* Nice sound and high quality graphics
* Easy to play
* Archer simulator
* Addictive game play
* 30+ attractive levels
* Realistic physics
* Challenging levels
* Beautiful and cool environments
* Nicely designed gibbets, bow and arrow
* Free for every one
Tips :
To cut the rope tap and shoot carefully, when arrow hits the hangman it decreases
the health rapidly.
Use minimum time and arrow to cut rope for perfect star.



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