Animal Safari Transport Truck

Animal Safari Transport Truck

Size 28.3MB

Animal Safari Transport Truck

Animal Safari Transport Truck

28.3MB 100,000+ 4.7 (30)
" Simulation "
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Animal Safari Transport Truck is among exceptional animal transport games. Truck lorry PK truck is ready to take the animals to the safari for their safety. Best transport Truck animal transfer from wild jungle to the safe safari. Take the train to transport animal from wild dangerous environments to the zoo and animal care. It is time to move train games to a new direction and transportation of animal becomes a decent driving job. Animal transport zoo wild and farm animals consisting of livestock to the destination bilaterally brilliant. Cargo ship full of animals of diverse kinds and nature arrived at docks, animal control department need expert drivers of cargo trucks and special animal delivery carrier to take the animal from the docks to their destinations in the far away suburban environment animal parks and safe safari parks. Bring the best ecosystem to the animals by bringing them to more appropriate destination for them. All sorts of transport vehicles may be used from the big cargo ships to the trucks to the 4x4 cargo carriers. Pet animal’s needs to be adopted, take them to the cities. Zoo animals have to be at helicopter pad so they take them to the zoo. Challenging driving tasks off road adventures and much more. This animal cargo delivery is way better than boring & monotonous style simulation.
Animal Safari Transport Truck features:
• Avoid colliding with city bikes and car traffic while transporting animals.
• Gather around the animals from all parts of the world.
• Get the underwater animals on board and take them to safe beaches
• Take horse stallions to the wild jungles for their safety
• Realistic truck and 4x4 jeep controls to make the gameplay even more realistic.
• Sharp edgy road big farms and ridiculously amazing maps to drive around
• Best zoo animal transport simulation game ever
• Enjoy the agriculture life at the farms and fields while transporting the animal
• Best experience of driving truck around the city walls
• Heavy shipments of animal cargo to unload, so drive quick and precise to reach the goals.
• Animals including goats, sheep and racing horses.
• Livestock and farmhouse pets and animals being transferred to the new homes.
This animal transporter game is adventure packed. Adventure in thrill of the driving in the vast meadows and horrific jungles is worthy of enjoying. Best animal transporting game regarding the traffic controls. Follow the traffic rules like a real cargo truck shipment driver and win rewards for that.
To control the crazy gorillas and other deadly animals you must be ready to pull the tranquilizer gun over them. Avoid danger save the citizens by rescuing them all over the city. Rather than hunting the ordinary beer and deer you have to find shelter for these animals and drive them there. Endangered citizen under the cheetah attacks need some getting rid of the lethal animals from city. Do not even think about hunting it, take it out of the city by putting it in the truck and drive. Now is the time to check the parking skills of parking trailer truck in the right parking spot with the loads of animals packed in the backs. Steep roads and adverse weather conditions along the way are enough of a hackle to make the journey impossible to complete, so be careful at driving, chose the right pace and stick to it. Traffic rules and a lot of rush hour traffic makes the urban journey harder and without disturbing the normal traffic flow you have to reach the destination. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck and transport horses, cows, goats, sheep and livestock from farms to destination. Reach the farms and safari jungles and leave the animals there to complete task of the truck driver.



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