Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D

Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D

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Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D

Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D

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Big Ambulance Doctor Rescue 3D
It is a rescue ambulance driver to run and get the injured patients in case of emergency or need on curvy hilly tracks and curvy city traffic roads. Drive fast, but safely, and use reckless amazing driving skills to dish out aid after reaching required destination. Turn on the red ambulance sirens and push the throttle and accelerator to race fast. On this fragile and realistic task, be careful and look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming rash traffic cars on busy city traffic roads. It is Packed with thrilling furious rescue missions, in which time and efficiency is the main thing what matters most in best simulator games. Feel the actual thrill of steering the ambulance simulator of real life through beautiful yet dangerous city traffic environment.
Real City Rescue Ambulance Simulator
Explore the real hustle and bustle of busy and rash city and of emergency medical rescue 911 in it. Race your car or ambulance simulator through the big city extreme traffic, and then let doctor rescue 911 injured and hurt in accidents and then drive them safely and soundly to the nearby hospital. Ambulance driver task or job is dangerous but yet interesting and stimulating so be very careful! the Rescue 911 duty driving is not so easy in a game with realistic effects and controls. Life in the city traffic s wild and crazy, watch out for the children, old people and women in heavy traffic and rush and rash traffic. You are a best ambulance car driver 3D, and only your keen and agility, alertness quickness and courage determination - will tell that - Will the doctors and paramedics may rescue mission and save the patient or not? Like an urban ambulance driver you have to save the city traffic people in the rash life who are in need of medical attention in the case of emergency to pass the level
Rescue 911 Ambulance simulator Drive 3D
This ambulance game has ultimate adventure and you must be in a state of quickness and emergency all the time. You may driving around the big city, hilly offroads suburbs, mountain tracks, construction sites, schools, parks and even the beach. It's crazy how the city people live - cars are crossing, traffic is wild.
City Ambulance Rescue Vehicle
There has been a massive and huge accident and you’re the only one on-duty, as an ambulance driver! Get the doctor or medic to the injured and hurt as soon as possible! Lives are at stake and may slip with a jerk of your hand; it’s a real rescue mission!
Ambulance Car Rescue Mission
Learn the skill of how to drive an 911 ambulance truck on different tracks and in different situation, and how to park it in front of a big city car parking 3D hospital or medical response. Help the medic or doctors by taking them to the patients in real time. Drive your amazing monster vehicle in the big real city ambulance simulator to the nearby hospital and show your ultimate skills of precision and accuracy in driving and super parking game while you have to stay stress in resistance of extreme traffic. The different and modern parking situations are really based on time with limited situations and places, you may need to get the hurt patient to the medic or doctors in real quick time as fast as possible. The 911 ambulance simulator while driving, remain alert, and to drive furious fast through the big city ambulance simulator
Rescue 911 Ambulance Driver 3D Game Features:
Modern Quick Ambulance driver Vehicle with Quick and Realistic Physics
Multiple and Enough Rescue Missions of Emergency 911 ambulance
Many Beautiful Different Routes through mountain tracks
Time is of the spirit in these 911 ambulance simulator , fire truck and police car truck games. Get ready for some extreme and ultimate ambulance rescue missions. Doing some max speed driving in this realistic 911 ambulance rescue mission game is stunning and amazing.


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