Air Base Strike

Air Base Strike

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Air Base Strike

Air Base Strike

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Air Base Strike is a full action-packed 3D game which offers the player in both FPS (first person shooting) and third person shooting mode in which you are a navy sniper commando, airborne in a gunship fighting plane and you have been assigned a mission on the battlefront to defend your country area. You are required to fire down the enemies on the battleship fleet and drown them before they take over your country area. You have been assigned the highest ranked in navy force. As a sniper, you have a rocket launchers, two mini guns, three air to ground bomb and four jet-flares. Your country has been involved in this war for more than a decade but this battle will decide the outcome of the war and the navy has been tasked with this duty to attack from the battlefront, win the battle and you'll be celebrated forever in your country as the navy commando who won them their freedom and drown the warship in the ocean with your rocket launchers, mini guns, air to ground bomb and jet-flares.
Air Base Strike game offers you:
- Unique scene with aerial combat from a airplane gunship on the battlefront
- Fantastic views and robust animations from fighting airplane
- Complete ocean scene with amazing 3D graphics
- Realistic models of various enemy warship
- Engaging sound effects
- Addictive sound track
- User friendly GUI and controls
- Various marine characters with unique attack and defense characteristics
- Action packed enemy characters
- Efficient weapon controls & movement
- Amazing water graphic effects
- Rocket launchers, two mini guns, three air to ground bomb and four jet-flares
How to Play:
- Touch & drag anywhere on the left side of the screen aim/move/rotate your shooting weapon
- Use the scope button to aim closer
- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault
- Radar will show you the enemies as red dots
- Different levels with different time base mission
- You have limited ammunition and time to respond from the airplane view is crucial as you are the sole marine defending the battlefront


What's New

Air jet game control updated !


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