4G Booster Turbo

4G Booster Turbo

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Free 4G Internet Booster applicationInstall this app and you will never lose signal !Stay always connected on:- GSM , 3G and 4G- WiFiFeatures:- Improved signal reception- Faster internet connections.- Longer battery life- Faster download- Works on any network operator!- Extend your wifi rangeDisclaimer: It's aplacebo joke app, it is not real it is for fun.The most important feature is the establishing a secure connection. All your private data will be protected by establishing an secure connection.This is the solution for 4G LTE network unlocker.Make you connection turbo fast.After install it is easy to notice the faster opening websites and faster refreshing rates.Easy switch between 3G and 4G networks.Speed up your internet connection speed with just one touch.Better internet browsing speed is gust one of the improvements of your connection.This is a advanced tool to increase power to the 3G or 4G signal.If you live in place where your connection is low , this is the perfect application for you.Achieve amazing results on any phone.Get the latest in android enhancement technology! This phone accelerator is free and it always will be.Maximizes your phone's broadband radio power, get the best from your hardware.Start up your torrent client and watch the improvementsThis app gives you no limits to use 4G , download as much as you want as faster as possible.Toggle from 3G network to 4G network with just one touch on the screen.Boost your network signal in just a few seconds.My friends are very satisfied becouse of the better online gaming. Use this app and simply optimize everything that is connected to internet.


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