2048 Kingdoms - Citadel Wars

2048 Kingdoms - Citadel Wars

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2048 Kingdoms – Medieval Citadels will take you back in the middle ages, in a land of myst and magic, where your reign is about to begin!
Using the classic 2048 gameplay, you will start building fortresses, citadels and bastions in an attempt to defend your royal crest and your majestic legacy. Your campaign won't be an easy one, as you will soon be under siege and your kingdom will become a battleground. Prepare your swordsmen, reunite your horsmen, gather all the axes and crossbows, sharpen all the daggers and spears. The battle is near.
"2048 Kingdoms" allows you to choose between two game modes.
Peace Mode is more of a castle build campaign, in which your population increases, safely inside your bastion's walls, as your stronghold gets larger and larger. Becoming the Emperor is the greatest triumph you can achieve in Peace Mode.
You'll start as a Peasant and your domain won't be larger than a few patches of forest. Not too long after that, you'll become a Squire, a Knight, a Duke or a Baron, as your castle grows. If you can manage your little kingdom wisely, you'll be able to reach even the high raninkngs of Viceroy or King, and eventually you'll triumph as an Emperor. Glory to the Emperor!
Your score is given by the size of your population, so if you're aiming for a low leader rank, your score won't be any higher, either. If you, on the other hand, reach the top levels, you have a great chance to keep your legacy safe on the royal leaderboards.
The War Mode will put a ceaseless pressure on you, due to its timed gameplay. Your aim is to assamble a competitive army in the given time to fight back the invader hordes. You do that by constantly developping your stronghold, until the moment the sandglass timer collapses and the war horn blows. There will be no time to waste, as the enemy is marching towards your citadel's walls and prepearing for a siege. You can't let them conquer your castle!
You will encounter invaders such as Viking Raiders, Byzantine Lancers, Norse Swordsmen, Ottoman or Saracen Warriors. A great army is all you need to make a stand of glory against them. Only the greatest of Leaders will forever remain in the royal leaderboards.
After each skirmish, you will be rewarded with medals, depending on the course of the battle you just came through. The more glorious you are after the fight, the more medals you earn. You can use the medals in the Armory section to upgrade your battle attributes (Attack, Defense and Luck). It's much easier to achieve a triumph with upgraded battle atributes, even with a smaller army.
The Sword of Radoi and Krapoo's Shield are two not-so-easy-to-unlock mystical artifacts, which empower you further on the field of battle.
You can always check you progress in the Stats section, where you will find information about your winning rate, your highest reached ranks or about your scuccsessful medieval campaigns.
The First Win of the Day grants you extra medals at the end of the first successful skirmish of the day (available only in War Mode).
It's time to enter this Middle Age land and start building your kingdom. You'll have crossbows on walls to defend it, swords, spears and shields to fight for it and a royal crest to protect. You decide your legacy. Your reign has begun. Are you a sire or a squire?
★ Classic 2048 gameplay
★ Isometric layout
★ Two game modes
★ Achievements
★ Leaderboards
★ First win of the day bonus


What's New

- Fixed score not being uploaded sometimes
- Fixed minor bugs
- You are now able to see your kingdom before restarting the game in Peace Mode
- Added a new rank after "King"
- Added Twitter share
- Fixed some rare visual glitches which caused some buildings to overlap other buildings
- Fixed minor bugs
- Improved tutorials
- Improved performance
- Improved in-game animations
- Improved in-game buttons position
- Disabled auto-login at startup

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